A Simple DIY Nail Polish Organizer That’s Just Perfect For Your Space

nail polish box

Nails are one of the many parts of our body that often go unorganized. Not only that, but nail polish can be a total mess – bottles all over the place, colors running together, etc. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could store all of your nail polish in one location? Well, you can! Thanks to DIY nail polish organizers, you can create a space-saving fixture for your vanity to keep your bottles of polish neatly stored and organized. With this guide, you’ll learn how to make a DIY nail polish organizer that is perfect for your space. Don’t let time pass you by – begin preparing your nails right now!

What is a nail polish organizer?

Nail polish is a beauty staple for many women, and its storage can be messy. That’s where a nail polish place comes in handy. It’s a space-saving device that helps you organize your nails in one place. You can find DIY versions or purchase pre-made organizers online or at stores like Target, Amazon, and Walmart. To make your own nail polish organizer, measure your space before shopping for supplies.

Types of nail polish box storage

Every nail polish collection is complete with a good nail polish organizer! Different types are available – hanging, cloth, acrylic, and silicone. They come in a variety of forms and sizes to fit any setting.. Some even have compartments to store smaller items like cuticle oil or beauty products. Organizing your nail polish has always been challenging!

Why do we need a nail polish box organizer?

Nail polish is a beauty essential, but it can be hard to keep it neatly stored. Not to worry, a nail polish organizer is a perfect solution! It’s also perfect for organizing other small household items, like lip balm or shampoos. If you’re looking for a design that fits in with your home’s style, make one using an adhesive strip or fabric tape. And remember, your new DIY nail polish organizer is perfect for any party! So go ahead and stock up on your favorite nail polish, and get ready to organize like a pro!

How to make a DIY nail polish organizer

Cluttered nail polish bottles always make a room look messy and unorganized. That’s why it’s essential to have a DIY nail polish organizer that you can easily access and keep organized. To make one, first cut some cardstock to the desired size. Then, laminate the cards with your favorite adhesive (like double-sided tape). Finally, paint or decorate outside the organizers using your favorite nail polish colors or patterns. You’re done! Now you have a beautiful and functional nail polish organizer that will help you declutter your space and organize your nail polish bottles in minutes!

make a nail polish organizer for small spaces

Looking for a way to organize your nail polish collection in small spaces? This DIY nail polish organizer is perfect for you! All you need is a sturdy piece of cardboard and some wire hangers. Cut the cardboard to the desired size, fold it in half and screw the wire hangers onto each side. Now you can store all your nail polishes in one place!

make a nail polish organizer for medium spaces

Looking for a way to organize your nail polish collection in a space-saving way? Look no further! This easy tutorial will show you how to make a nail polish organizer that fits most vanity mirrors. Start by cutting a piece of cardboard the same size as your mirror, and then use a hole saw to make two holes on each side. Next, cut a piece of fabric around the mirror and attach it with Velcro dots. Drill small holes at the fabric’s top and bottom so you can easily hang them on your vanity mirror. Now you’re ready to start organizing your nail polish collection!

small nail polish rack organizer

make a nail polish organizer for large spaces

Nail polish is widespread and often used quickly and without thought. With a nail polish organizer like this, you can store your polishes in an organized manner, making them easier to access and less messy.

You only need wire hangers and a shoe box to make the DIY nail polish organizer. The size of the holder will depend on how many bottles of polish you have – it should be big enough to fit at least three bottles comfortably. Once you’ve prepared the basics, it’s easy to customize the holder to fit your space perfectly. You can add or remove shelf brackets as needed, making it perfect for any room in your house!

Plus, if you have smaller items like jewelry or makeup brushes that don’t fit neatly into a bottle cap rack, you can use this organizer to store them too!

In addition, nail polish organizers make perfect gifts for friends and family. No more worrying about where to put that bottle of nail polish you just got as a gift! So, without further ado, here are 4 DIY nail polish organizer ideas to get you started!

  1. Nail Polish Rack with Shelf. This nail polish rack doubles as a shelf for organizing your best beauty products. You can attach it to the studs with pipe clamps or simply mount it on the wall.
  2. Customizable Nail Polish Dispenser. Try this customizable dispenser if you’re looking for a more personalized way of organizing your nail polishes! All you need is some paint and scissors (or a knife if you prefer). Simply cut out the polished bottle shape, and voila! You have a personalized nail polish dispenser.
  3. Floating Nail Polish Rack. This floating nail polish rack is perfect for small spaces or dorm rooms! It can be attached to the wall with hooks or clamps and has enough space to store up to 12 bottles of nail polish.
  4. Nail Polish Holder. This beautiful nail polish holder is a great way to organize your beauty products while keeping them organized and looking pretty on your vanity countertop! You can make it with any materials around the house, and it’s a great way to use scrap wood or old furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some creative ways to store nail polish without any shelves or drawers?

There are many creative ways to store nail polish without shelves or drawers. Here are a few examples:

  • Hang up a pegboard on the wall and attach small baskets to it for storing bottles.
  • Use an empty tissue box as a holder by cutting out holes in the top to fit the bottles.
  • Consider repurposing old mugs, cups, or vases by filling them with nail polish bottles.

Which diy nail polish box organizer idea is easiest for me to put together?

The easiest DIY nail polish organizer to put together is a cardboard box. A cardboard box, tape, and nails or thumbtacks are all you need to construct it. You simply need to fold up the top of the cardboard box so that it forms a lid and then tape it shut. Using the nails or thumbtacks, you can slide your nail polishes in and hang the package on a wall or door. This DIY nail polish organizer is also stylish and functional!

rack nail organizer

Alternatively, you can use simple items like mason jars or magazine holders to store your nail polishes. Simply cut a hole at the top of the pot or holder, and slide your nail polishes inside. You can even decorate your nail polish storage containers with stickers or ribbons

For something more elaborate, you can repurpose an old drawer or shelf to store your nail polishes. Simply measure the dimensions of the drawer or stand, and make a template out of paper or cardstock. Once you have your template, cut out the necessary parts and assemble the shelves using wood screws, washers, and nuts. Your DIY nail polish organizer is now ready to use!


Organizing your nail polish in a space-efficient manner is easier with nail polish box storage or rack. You’ll save counter space and need less effort to locate your nail polish if you store it in one area. Follow the instructions to make a DIY nail polish organizer. Have a nice day!

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